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Corry Frydlewicz is a 30-something tech professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spends his weekdays building and improving massive eCommerce websites for one of the world’s most successful fashion companies.

He spends every other waking hour running around with his dog, playing video games, going on road trips, and eating at the latest restaurants to pop up in the area.

Pretty typical, right? In case you need some unique quirks to differentiate Corry from the rest of Silicon Valley:

  • Some of his favorite things include: Korean BBQ, Beer, Cheese, Steak, Good Company, and excuses to enjoy as many of them as possible simultaneously.
  • On occasion, he loves using brightly colored hair dye and toenail polish.
  • He is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan.
  • He embraces a delusion that signing his emails with “<3 Corry” is bringing love and joy to anyone that receives them.

He also feels really strange writing in third person, but it seems like bios generally do it that way.






JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery)




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Corry is a full-stack web developer, but his strengths focus mostly on the front-end. He usually uses content management systems to do the brunt of database work, and he has adapted to several drastically different environments throughout his career. When it’s opportune, he prefers to strip sites down to their core elements and direct user focus to the primary call to action. As a bonus, his work in marketing has also allowed him to learn CRM systems, lead generation best practices, and modern SEO techniques.

Corry has been a valuable expert resource for myself and my company as a web development consultant. I have additionally conferred with him regarding graphic designs and found his creative input priceless. Corry is friendly and able to bridge the gap between tech talk and common client understanding.

Jolinda Clapp, Entrepreneur



Responsive Design

Game Assets (2D, 3D)



Video Editing

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Corry spent his first years of college majoring in Fine Arts Graphic Design, because it was the only major that let him learn 3D Modeling, Video Editing, and the Adobe Suite all within the same curriculum. Since then, he has focused on working in a function-before-form manner, allowing the data to dictate the design. He excels at wireframing, user experience flow, and UI design. His programming knowledge aids him in designing layouts and graphics that are code-ready.

Corry is a very talented Graphic Artist. He creates very good art to work with and is always eager to learn and help improve the process for the software team. I would recommend him to any company that seriously wants to improve the products that they are creating. Corry is a person that always wants to help make things better, but is still able to do this within the current system.

Eric Fitzsimmons, Software Engineer


Project Management


Online Marketing

Agile, Scrum

Community Management

Vendor Relations

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Corry prefers to lead small teams on a per-project basis while still being counted as a production resource. He has led teams of as many as 8 people during his career, with members ranging from highly technical (developers) to non-technical (writers). When managing projects, Corry prides himself on his meticulous organizational skills.

Corry has always demonstrated a keen interest in learning more about new technologies and staying up-to-date on best practices to augment his already impressive array of skills, and the company has greatly benefited from the implementation of the many things he’s learnt throughout the years. Any project where he’s in charge is in good hands – you can count on him to get things done and become a key contributor to its success.

Angela Cheong, Marketing Manager APAC

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Corry’s Bio

This is the part I expect barely anyone to read. I swear I’ll try to be fairly brief.

East Coast Roots

Baby Corry Frydlewicz w/ two of his grandparents
My mom’s parents, Vince and Diane Barton.

Corry Frydlewicz was born and raised in New Jersey — with some help from Pennsylvania. His parents were both musicians and teachers. One of his grandmothers was a painter and art teacher. One of his grandfathers owned his own Car Repair Shop, while the other worked in the steel industry in Pittsburgh. He believes that this was an ideal environment to foster his creativity and appreciation for learning.

In high school, Corry taught himself HTML, CSS, and a sparse amount of JavaScript as a hobby. He built himself a gaming-based Geocities site full of table-based layouts, gaudy animated GIFs and tiled backgrounds. Soon his friends started paying him to build their MySpace pages, and the high school asked him to help build their first website. When MySpace started to go out of style, he decided to switch his blog over to WordPress and customize that instead.

Corry left New Jersey two years into university to transfer to art school in Phoenix, Arizona and study one of his greatest passions: game design. During his time at The Art Institute of Phoenix, he paid his tuition and rent working full-time at a few local Phoenix restaurants. He supplemented his income by doing graphic design and web development on the side.

Early Career

When he graduated in 2006, he had already been searching for work in that field for a year to no avail. He worked at a local Quality Assurance company that focused on mobile games, while he continued waiting tables on nights and weekends. Later, he got a part-time job designing WordPress Themes for musicians, lifestyle bloggers, and (sadly) affiliate marketers. Shortly after that, he worked as a designer in a small design studio in Tempe where his paychecks bounced every other week.

Finally, his first “real” job opportunity came along. But it wasn’t for the game art and design portfolio he spent years building. It was for the website he built to display it all. Those skills landed him his first developer position in the adult website industry. Happy to finally have health insurance, salary, and disposable income, Corry went with it. He figured that he could keep working on his game design portfolio and get there later.

Career Development

A few positions later, Corry got his opportunity to design games in Las Vegas. He led the graphics team and taught many of them the 3D modeling and Photoshop skills they needed to modernize their existing IP. He even had three of his original game designs published through that company and two of them became major successes. On top of that, a sports betting UI that he designed is still used today in several top Las Vegas casinos.

Flash forward to today, and Corry is back to designing and coding websites. While he still loves gaming and game design, the gaming industry was a bit too unstable for him. He was able to work only 40-50 hours a week for his salary as a developer, while gaming companies wanted more than 60 for lower salary. He also really liked doing it, even if it wasn’t what he dreamed about as a kid.

Career Goals

Corry is happy coding and designing quietly with his headphones on, as long as the projects are interesting and challenging. He enjoys managing projects and makes good use of any people/resources thrown his way, but doesn’t need a management title to feel fulfilled.

He is sticking to the San Francisco area for at least a few more years, but would love to travel to new places if the right opportunity appears. Corry also wants to continue working exclusively in full-time, permanent positions. Start-ups are often the most exciting to him, but established companies with modern workplaces are even better for their stability.

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