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Animosity is a game concept that I came up with while I was in college. It is a game that I intend to produce one day if the puzzle pieces fit properly to make that possible. The game is meant to be enjoyed by gamers from multiple areas of the gaming world. It crosses genres, brings people together, and takes every initiative to capitalize on every aspect of online gaming.

Most of the artwork, character design, and story can be found here already, so this page will focus on the game design itself. Our design documents are massive, so it will be a challenge to do them justice in this space alone.

All of this material is property of Corry Frydlewicz and Cotton Candy Monster Games, Inc.

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Overall Design

Animosity strives to be all killer, no filler. The game functions similar to any deathmatch or sports game, as you select what you want to do, then you get straight into the action. You will be managing your character, gear, stats, skills, etc. like you would in any Role-Playing Game, giving you complete control over how you want to play. You will be able to play with or against anyone on the network, regardless of in-game factors (race, faction) or real world factors (location, casual vs. hardcore gamers).

We plan on providing the player with everything they need in a user-friendly and flexible environment that they can customize to their needs. This means, no one will need to look on 3rd party websites for strategies, maps, and other game information. No one will need to download a separate application for voice chat, damage meters, or UI tweaks. We even plan to provide battle replays, video guides, and social networking services to our players where they can speak and act on behalf of their created characters in a social (or even role-playing) format.



Character customization is loose and flexible. You can change your entire combat method within a few minutes and your UI will automatically optimize for the new play style if you would like it to. You can build hybrid characters with creative and effective synergy, or you can build a focused and specialized style that does one thing better than anyone else. All builds are viable for different reasons.

You can add robotic and computerized parts to your organic body. This allows your character to break the barriers of possibility given the means to attain these parts and the skill to maintain them. Your UI can be customized any way you like as well. Animosity can function equally well in first person, over-the-shoulder, third person, and isometric views.

You can also change your character’s appearance quickly and easily with hundreds of skinning options ranging from hair dye to tattoos to surgical implants. Your equipment will have a default appearance, but you can change it dynamically without losing any attributes. You can even be an impenetrable fortress of a tank while looking like Tarzan in nothing but a loin cloth.


Technical Details

Animosity is planned for a simultaneous console and PC release. We aim to display large numbers of characters, particles, and effects on screen simultaneously, so our art style of choice will revolve around that desire. We will be using a stylized, modern graphic novel style with smooth animations and bold, saturated colors.

Outside of the game client itself, we plan to integrate several game functions into our website. Purchase some new gear in your browser and have it waiting for you in your mailbox. Create and join clan events with your friends using your Google, Outlook, or iCal calendar. Change your spec on our smartphone app and have it ready when you login at home.


Business Details

We are seeking investor capital to continue our efforts. We would like to commission much more concept art in the short-term. Next, we would work on getting a bigger and better presentation together to attract publishers and other investors. This would include a 30 second CG promo if possible. After that, we would like to get some full-time programmers building the architecture of the game.

If possible, we will release the game with no subscription fee, but this will not be confirmed until we achieve funding for obvious reasons. Our business plan allows for multiple methods of profit that can be toned up or down to meet nearly any investor goals. If we end up charging a subscription fee, it would be no more than $5 per month. We don’t want to charge too much, but we also want to have the funding to provide excellent support for the game as any top-tier company should.

For more information about the business side of Animosity and Cotton Candy Monster Games, please contact our Business Development Manager.


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