Wraith [The Matrix Extended]

“Have you ever suddenly become aware that you were dreaming?” he asked the beautiful brunette sitting next to him at the bar.


He found it perplexing that someone with no concept of death, hunger, or fear — the driving forces of man — would be called upon to watch over them.

Animosity – Chapter 10: Lives We Take

When Neza opened his eyes, he saw Saf sitting in front of him. His first thought was that he was about to die.

Animosity : Chapter 9 : Out of Control

The rumble of distant thunder broke the silence as Neza stared into the burning eyes of his little sister. Saf waited patiently for someone to clarify the situation for him, but said nothing.

Animosity : Intermission

I’m driving across the country this week, so I won’t be able to post anything. I’m putting this little post together for the time being that will help explain a little more about the world of Animosity while I’m away. I hope you enjoy it!

Animosity : Chapter 8 : Time to Strike

Instead of going hunting alone as he normally did, Neza decided to join Saf for meditation the next day. Saf was happy to have company for once, but their conversation was making him slightly uncomfortable.

Animosity : Chapter 7 : Reckless Abandon

Resting nearly a hundred meters above the forest floor, Neza tracked the heat signatures of five human soldiers and a heavy artillery unit. He navigated the various visualizations of his BIOS with impressive skill after only a month of training. His mind was at peace and his adrenaline flowed in anticipation of six fresh kills.

Animosity : Chapter 6 : Domestication

Rosetta waited patiently in the dark, watching every move that Martine made. She knew he was the one who bandaged her, but she still couldn’t trust him.

Animosity : Chapter 5 : Rebirth

They’ve gone too far. Arc has violated every fiber of scientific ethics that I’ve learned to live by. Human or not, these beings are sentient and these experiments are on the level of humanity’s greatest atrocities.

Animosity : Chapter 4 : Regret

After days of tracking through the jungle, Neza has finally found a small group of human soldiers that he thinks will lead him to Commander Regan.