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Jungle Philosophy (LoL)

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Recently, I have been assigned as the official Jungler of our League of Legends competitive team. I have always tried to be good at every aspect of the game, but specializing in the jungle has been a lot of fun lately too. I thought I’d write a little bit about how I like to jungle, so here it goes.

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Guild Wars 2: Who’s In?

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I was tired of the same old MMORPG practices of looking for groups, daily quests, and trying to manage large groups for Raids when some people don’t show up or have to leave early. I want something new and exciting to play with my friends. Then I heard about Guild Wars 2.

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The Game of Politics

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It has been my observation over the last several years that lawmaking and social development are extremely similar to game design. I invite you all to take a game of choice and look deeply into what we can learn from it as a society.

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Final Fantasy XIII

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Several people have weighed in with their thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII. I was one of the first ‘normal citizens’ in the U.S. to finish the game and I’ve finally come to terms with my feelings about it.

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Green White Tokens – Standard Magic: The Gathering Deck

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This post has been ported over from an archetype thread on Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering forums┬áthat I built. Green White Tokens is an aggro deck that can take early board control, put the opponent on a very fast clock, and still recover from board sweepers quickly. In many cases, we can instrument […]

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