Best Games of 2016 and Thoughts on Gaming Today

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about gaming this year and I felt it would be good to express WHY I chose the best games of 2016.

Best Movies of 2016 with an Updated Winner!

The best movies of 2016 were full of well-executed CG, and most of them were light-hearted and humorous, while still being deep.

Check Out My Cans: My Favorite Bluetooth Headphones

With the recent announcement that the iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack, now seems like the time to discuss my Bluetooth headphones.

The Best Games in 2015

I’m impatient with AAA titles, and my best games of 2015 list definitely shows it. More than half of the entries this year are indie titles you can pick up for less than $20!

The Best Music I Discovered in 2015

My tastes have changed over the years, but I still strive to listen to new music all the time. Check out my picks for best music of 2015! Especially if you use Spotify.

Best Movies of 2015

The best movies of 2015 were easy to narrow down to a top 6 or so, but hard to choose between once I got that far. Check out my top picks for the year.

Star Wars VII Force Awakens “Plot Holes” FILLED

Explanations for the questions people have been asking about Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens. This post is nothing but SPOILERS, so be warned.

Butter Bros Cannabutter Mac and Cheese Recipe & Review

A recipe and review for delicious mac and cheese made with Butter Bros Cannabutter. Adapted from a Fox News article, so you know someone’s grandma made it!

Destiny Review: A Solid Foundation

I knew what I was in for when I purchased my copy of Destiny. I didn’t pre-order it because of the massive amounts of hype that built up around it. I have been ‘burned’ out of $60 before by these hype trains and I didn’t want to invest in another Titanfall or Watch_Dogs that my […]