CorryArt Updated for 2011

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I’ve updated the look and functionality of the site! What do you think?


The entire site is a bit easier to use now. I’ve gotten rid of the “cool looking but extra clicks” philosophy of the previous layout in favor of a “Get what you came for quick and find content faster” philosophy. I’ve also gone with a much more readable color scheme and widened the content area so the images, videos, and text can have more space to roam.

I went with a more minimalist approach because I wanted the content to speak for itself. Focusing on large images for each post rather than using images purely for finesse was an idea I thought would work here. Some of the older articles may have duplicate images now, but the new ones from now on won’t.

I’ve added most of my social networking links to the left sidebar. You can add me as a friend on any of the social games I play listed under “Play With Me” as well.

Comments should be much easier to read and post now. The last setup wasn’t thought through that well, so I hope this way encourages more discussion because of the changes.

New Features

At the top and bottom of every post you can now find sharing widgets for Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook. These buttons make it easy for you to show other people that article, so please do so!

You can easily browse all the different blog categories on the left nav now. The About page is listed beneath them and a link back to the homepage will appear on top on any page other than the homepage itself. You can page between the articles using the buttons at the bottom of any index page.

My Portfolio has been added into the WordPress CMS, so even that is included in these categories now. You can also browse the tags on Portfolio posts to view different types of work I’ve done.

I’ve added much more PHP functionality to the blog. About 70% of the site automatically propagates now instead of hard coding most of it. I’ve reduced the code greatly and made it easier on myself to add new content and stay organized in the long-run.

Let Me Know What You Think!

I hope you like the new stuff! Please comment below to make suggestions or give your input. 🙂


Instead of a comment thread, I've switched to a discussion platform you probably already use:

Remember to tag me if you want a response.

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