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I created this character as a side project while going to school to learn and practice texturing and normal mapping with Zbrush. Very few instructors at my school knew how to do this, so I had to teach myself by posting on 3D forums and trial and error. Luckily, I was able to finish it without screwing up my final projects for graduation. Later in life, I discovered the wonders of sleep.

3d1_01 3d1_02 3d1_03 3d1_04

Technical Info

The character model is three meshes (flesh, cloth, machinery) and right around 5000 tri. The textures are six 512 TGAs total. I used 3D Studio MAX for most of it, Zbrush for Normal Maps and textures, and PhotoShop for everything in between. I have several plug-ins for all of these programs that I probably used, but they’re mostly hotkeyed so I forget which I used for this one.


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