New Law: Humanity Doctrine

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Choosing to take military action should not be something any representative of our government can take lightly. Perhaps we need to inject a bit of humanity and realism into the minds of those in office.

Know Your Soldiers

Any representative that votes “YES” to any initiative that causes military action is added to a list. If any soldier is injured in that operation, someone on that list must personally write a hand-written letter to that soldier. This cannot be a form letter and it cannot be written by an assistant or other third party. For any soldier that dies in that operation, the letter should be addressed to their spouse, parents, and children.

The representatives chosen to write these letters will be ordered randomly based on the list and every one on the list must write one before any of them is called to write a second one. The cycle continues like this until that military action is concluded.

The President is included in this list, whether he/she supports the action or not.

Intended Result

Hopefully, this will keep our soldiers in mind when they are voting to continue funding and supporting wars. If this law was in effect for the Iraq War, each person who voted for the invasion (297 Congressmen and 77 Senators plus the President = 375 people) would have each had to write 100+ letters (Source) as of last December. On the U.S. side of it, that is over 17,000 injured and 4,484 deaths. Can you imagine writing over 100 letters to the families of soldiers you sent to their injury/deaths by hand? I would hope that this harrowing experience might prevent them from extending or supporting these kinds of actions unless they truly believed in the cause.

That is, of course, assuming they have consciences. Let’s hope at least some politicians still do.


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