The Best Games in 2015

I’m impatient with AAA titles, and my best games of 2015 list definitely shows it. More than half of the entries this year are indie titles you can pick up for less than $20!

The Best Music I Discovered in 2015

My tastes have changed over the years, but I still strive to listen to new music all the time. Check out my picks for best music of 2015! Especially if you use Spotify.

Best Movies of 2015

The best movies of 2015 were easy to narrow down to a top 6 or so, but hard to choose between once I got that far. Check out my top picks for the year.

Star Wars VII Force Awakens “Plot Holes” FILLED

Explanations for the questions people have been asking about Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens. This post is nothing but SPOILERS, so be warned.

Mental Illness and Public Health, A Difficult Line to Draw

How can we include mental illness in our monitoring of public health without creating thought police? I believe we need to address the issue carefully.

No Company Should Support Outdated Browsers

Every company website should encourage their customers to keep good habits. Encouraging your audience keep their browser updated has benefits for you, too.

Magic: The Gathering Changed My Life

I’ve been playing Magic: The Gathering on and off for over 20 years now. It’s had a significant impact on my life since I was 12 years old.


Is life precious? Is death really so bad? How do we define the two, and how is technology changing these definitions? Hmmm… Philosophical.

Giving a Shit: Depression, Stress, and Emptiness

I had a pair of nervous breakdowns within the last 12 months. I try to care about everything I do, but giving a shit about too many things was killing me.