Best Games of 2016 and Thoughts on Gaming Today

I’ve had a lot of thoughts about gaming this year and I felt it would be good to express WHY I chose the best games of 2016.

Best Movies of 2016 with an Updated Winner!

The best movies of 2016 were full of well-executed CG, and most of them were light-hearted and humorous, while still being deep.

The Best Games in 2015

I’m impatient with AAA titles, and my best games of 2015 list definitely shows it. More than half of the entries this year are indie titles you can pick up for less than $20!

The Best 3 Songs, Games, Movies, Etc. I Found in 2013

I want to share some of the media I enjoyed this year with you guys. I try not to do too many of these, so I’m compiling all of them into one big post.