The Marriage Experiment and the End of an Era

For the first 8 years of my relationship with Kati, I was stubbornly anti-marriage. We spent years working on our relationship, and it hasn’t gone to waste.

How Shitty Should American Poverty Get?

Income inequality and poverty have finally become a popular topic. We should look at fewer graphs, and instead look at real life.

Star Wars VII Force Awakens “Plot Holes” FILLED

Explanations for the questions people have been asking about Star Wars VII : The Force Awakens. This post is nothing but SPOILERS, so be warned.


Is life precious? Is death really so bad? How do we define the two, and how is technology changing these definitions? Hmmm… Philosophical.

Tanking In League of Legends: Fundamentals

Tanking in League of Legends is not much different than tanking in other games. The differences lie in knowing your goals and choosing your tools wisely.

Wearable Smartphones Aren’t Awesome… Yet

As a lover of sci-fi, I’m always looking for ways to become a cyborg. Sadly, I don’t think wearable smartphones like Android Wear are usable enough yet.

My Vasectomy Story – Decision Through Completion

This is the story of my vasectomy, and all the stuff that comes with it. I’ll leave out the gross details, I promise.

Why I Gave Up My Internet Anonymity

I came to a crossroads where I had to decide how much of myself I should expose to the world of strangers. I allowed myself to become a social experiment.