My Weight Loss Journey of Over Ten Years

About three and a half years ago, I began my weight loss journey when I reached the point where I was officially Morbidly Obese.

How Shitty Should American Poverty Get?

Income inequality and poverty have finally become a popular topic. We should look at fewer graphs, and instead look at real life.

Mental Illness and Public Health, A Difficult Line to Draw

How can we include mental illness in our monitoring of public health without creating thought police? I believe we need to address the issue carefully.

My Experience With Medical Marijuana

In 2014 I acquired my medical marijuana prescription. Based on my limited experience with it previously, I never expected it to help me as much as it has.

A New Direction: Ex-Libertarian

For a couple years, I was a Libertarian. Then, I had trouble justifying my personal philosophies with Libertarian principles.

No Myth or Ceremony Required: Ownership

The modern world has made the concept of ownership a fact of life. From the moment we’re born we are indoctrinated with the ideas of what is yours and what is mine and the terrible twos are when we generally fall in love with the concept of “mine!” Some people developed further into that aspect […]

Green is the Color of Money

The environmentalist movement may be full of morons and hippies, but there are some merits to caring about the environment. My biggest concern in my own life and the lives of my family and friends is Quality of Life. Having a safe, healthy place to live is absolutely paramount in one’s quality of life.

If I’m Nuts, You Should Be Too

Am I a nutjob? A whacko? Am I one of those people that you roll your eyes at to your friends after I walk away? My ideas may be different than most people’s, but are they really that crazy?

Healthcare in America

One of the biggest criticisms the Democrats have for other politicians is their lack of an answer. Republicans and Libertarians like myself both oppose Universal Healthcare (or Socialized Medicine), but the Republican Party does not offer any answers of its own, so instead people who want something done about it turn to a bad answer as opposed to no answer.

Universal Healthcare Will Not Work

Wouldn’t it be great if healthcare were free? You would have saved that $300 they charged you to sew your finger back on that one time! You would save that $100 they charged you when you had Strep! You’d be able to go into the hospital for anything you wanted without having any money!