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She Breaks All The Rules

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Everyone knew this was coming, and I mean EVERYONE. Any time I would talk about my views on the pointlessness of marriage, the response was always “Some woman will come along and break your rules.”

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Learning to Shapeshift

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For most of my life, I have worked on me. I have been making quiet internal efforts to analyze who I am, what I want, and who I should spend my time with. Because of this I now have a superpower.

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He found it perplexing that someone with no concept of death, hunger, or fear — the driving forces of man — would be called upon to watch over them.

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What is Love?

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Some sociology and relationship experts (whatever those are) assert that no one will ever experience the passion and excitement of their first relationship again, and that they should completely forget their first relationships. As much as this feels like common sense to me, I feel resistant to the notion.

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