My Ballot for November 8, 2016 – Oakland, California

These are my votes for the 2016 election, and all the local props and measures for Alameda county. Short explanations included.

Butter Bros Cannabutter Mac and Cheese Recipe & Review

A recipe and review for delicious mac and cheese made with Butter Bros Cannabutter. Adapted from a Fox News article, so you know someone’s grandma made it!

Korova Fifty-One Fifty Bar Review

Today I’m trying the Korova Fifty-One Fifty Bar. I’ve had Korova’s cookies before and the tagline “Unrivaled Potency” is definitely not an exaggeration.

Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar Review

Today I’m trying the Kiva Blackberry Dark Chocolate bar. It was recommended to me by the resident “edibles girl” at my local dispensary.

My Experience With Medical Marijuana

In 2014 I acquired my medical marijuana prescription. Based on my limited experience with it previously, I never expected it to help me as much as it has.