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No Myth or Ceremony Required: Ownership

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The modern world has made the concept of ownership a fact of life. From the moment we’re born we are indoctrinated with the ideas of what is yours and what is mine and the terrible twos are when we generally fall in love with the concept of “mine!” Some people developed further into that aspect […]

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Killing My Favorite Music

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As I sit here listening to some of my fondest adolescent memories, I can’t help but wonder where the hell the last ten years came from. My favorite bands from the 90’s were the Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Lostprophets, and Nine Inch Nails. All of these bands have changed drastically since then, but only one has been for the better. Am I to blame?

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Year Zero

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The latest album from Nine Inch Nails “Year Zero” has an incredible viral backstory that sends its fans on a hunt to decode messages posted all over the internet and discover the horrifying future we have in store.

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Stuff of the Year!

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Top Ten Movies of 2005 10. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory 9. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children 8. Constantine 7. Syriana 6. War Of The Worlds 5. Waiting… 4. 40-Year Old Virgin 3. Batman Begins 2. Sin City 1. King Kong This was kinda a tough call, because I just saw King Kong and it […]

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Music Lately…

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Music is in a really weird place right now… Rap has sucked for the last year and a half or so… All the rock music I’ve heard for the past year has been the same… There’s all this whiny Emo/Punk crap with guys whining about their mommy grounding them… There’s not a decent Pop song […]

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