My Wish List – Christmas, Birthdays, etc.

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I have a very good life. I have lots of loved ones that tolerate and support me. I have a wonderful little family with Kati and SooCoo, and we live in a nice apartment near the train tracks. Both of us have great jobs that we enjoy and we make enough money to pay our bills, save for retirement, and go on trips once in a while. All without sacrificing our ability to go out on dates every week and buy a couple of video games.

Several people ask me what I want for my birthday or Christmas, and when I say I don’t need anything they insist. I appreciate the generosity and the desire to see me happy. I’m very happy just hearing that you guys want to give me something.

But I don’t need anything.

Some of you will insist on me adding more stuff to my Amazon wish list or in some cases ask me to put bigger, more extravagant gifts on there. Thank you! I appreciate the thought.

I use my Amazon wish list for my own purchases as well, so I won’t stop adding stuff there, but I’m not going to add any extra things that I hadn’t thought of naturally before. If I haven’t already put it on there, I probably don’t want it that much.

Here’s What I Want

If you want to give me a gift, there are a few things I will always accept.

1.) Let’s Go Out Together

Let’s all have a nice dinner together. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. I’d love just grabbing a pizza or a couple of beers with you. We could go to a show, a concert or a comedy club together.

On one condition: If we live nearby or can visit each other, I want you to come too. I want to give you a hug and clink my glass against yours. A gift card is lovely and appreciated, but I truly value the togetherness the most.

2.) Donate a Gift to Someone that DOES Need It

If you want to spend a dollar amount on a gift for me, please consider donating to any of the following charities in my name (in no particular order):

If you are considering donating to a charity that isn’t on this list, please ask me before making a donation, so I can vet them.

I also have a few friends that have fallen on hard times. If you’d like to inquire about them let me know. Sending them some cash or gift cards or just your thoughts/prayers would also be a great gift to me.

3.) Send Me a Card

Whenever one of you sends me a card, I smile. I appreciate the simple gift of someone thinking of me and wishing me well. Contact me if you need my mailing address.

Thank You

I don’t feel I adequately say this to you all, but thank you. The reason I’m where I am today (happy, healthy, successful) is because I stand on the shoulders of giants. All of you that love me and support me have allowed me to get here. I am forever grateful for that.

I wish you all a happy holiday(s), whatever you may celebrate.



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