My Wish List – Christmas, Birthdays, etc.

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(last updated: November 2017)

Occasionally people ask what I want for my birthday or Christmas. I appreciate that generosity and their desire to see me happy. And if someone does want to give me a gift, I will accept as graciously as I can.

But I don’t need anything.

If you’d still like to show me that you care with a gift, here are some ideas of what I’d want most.

1.) Donate a Gift to Someone that DOES Need It

If you want to spend a dollar amount on a gift for me, please consider donating to any of the following charities in my name (in no particular order):





If you are considering donating to a charity that isn’t on this list please ask me before donating (so I can vet them).

2.) Let’s Hang Out

Let’s all have dinner together. It doesn’t have to be anywhere fancy. I’d love grabbing a pizza or a couple of adult beverages with you. We could go to a show, a concert, or a comedy club together.

3.) Send Me a Card

Whenever one of you sends me a card, I smile. I appreciate the simple gift of someone thinking of me and wishing me well. Contact me if you need my mailing address.

Thank You

The reason I’m where I am today (happy, healthy, arguably sane) is because I stand on the shoulders of giants. All of you that love me and support me have allowed me to get here. I am infinitely grateful for that.

I wish you a happy [whatever it is you’re celebrating now]!


A Note About Christmas

I do not celebrate Christmas (I’m happy to discuss why with anyone interested). Please don’t think ill of me when I don’t give gifts during the holiday season. As I mentioned earlier, I will [do my best to] graciously accept gifts from anyone who does celebrate it.


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