Defeat 2016

Those who have followed me online probably already know how I’ve been feeling. I needed to write this for myself.

My Ballot for November 8, 2016 – Oakland, California

These are my votes for the 2016 election, and all the local props and measures for Alameda county. Short explanations included.

How Shitty Should American Poverty Get?

Income inequality and poverty have finally become a popular topic. We should look at fewer graphs, and instead look at real life.

2016 Election Round-Up: We’re Totally Fucked

I’ve spent over a year arguing about the 2016 election. I’m exhausted and can’t wait for it to be over. My compiled thoughts:

One Year Later and Still Giving No Shits

Today is my 33rd birthday, and birthdays always seem to be good times for reflection on where I am and how I got there.

Mental Illness and Public Health, A Difficult Line to Draw

How can we include mental illness in our monitoring of public health without creating thought police? I believe we need to address the issue carefully.


Is life precious? Is death really so bad? How do we define the two, and how is technology changing these definitions? Hmmm… Philosophical.

Homophobia and the Flawed Logic Behind It

When I have a down-to-earth discussion about homophobia with someone I respect, it’s often hard for them to identify why they dislike homosexuals.

Mental Illness, Bullying and Weapons in School

In third grade, I brought a knife to school with the intention to stab my bullies. No one was harmed, but the mental illness of anxiety is still present.

Misogyny, Sex Negativity and Empathy

Though I feel there ARE substantial cultural pressures that are unfair to women, I believe that a lack of empathy is the root cause misogyny.